Powerful Virtual Private Server Features.

Our QCP control panel makes it easy to get your Linux Virtual Server up and running fast.

We added important features into our software that make administering your server easier than ever.
With our easy scalability features, your server can quickly change to meet your needs.
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A Powerful Control Panel.
Our QCP control panel gives you total control over your VPS.
  • Create/Cancel servers, or Upgrade/Downgrade, On Demand without opening a help ticket.
  • View bandwidth usage and graphs.
  • Install a Linux distribution.
  • Take and Restore Backups, with self service access via FTP to your data.
  • Manage your DNS and Reverse DNS entries.
  • Scan your VPS for security vulnerabilities at the touch of a button.
  • API access for total control.
  • Enable port monitors on your IP addresses to notify you when software is down.
Choose Your Linux Distribution.
Choose from any of our popular Linux Distributions.
Want to run a distribution you dont see here? Let us know!

  • Fedora 12
  • Centos 5
  • OpenSuse 11
  • Gentoo
  • Debian 4, 5
  • Ubuntu 8.04, 9.04, 9.10, 10.04
  • Slackware 13
Flexible and Scalable Virtual Servers.
Add a new virtual private server, cancel an existing virtual server, or upgrade/downgrade without need for a reboot. Scalability and easy account manangement are great time saving features.
Choose from Xen or OpenVZ.
  • Boot with custom kernels via PV-Grub.
  • Console access, networked Rescue Mode, and private IP's available.
  • Swap space.
  • Upgrades applied live, no need for reboots.
  • Easier administration and setup.
  • Fast, lightweight OS level virtualization.
Easy One Step Backups.
Every virtual server comes with a free snapshot backup. You can backup your filesystem, and then restore to that point in time later. You can even schedule the time your weekly backup starts. Fast access to your backups without need for a help ticket.
  • Take a snapshot backup at any time. Restore your VPS from the backup.
  • Schedule an automatic weekly backup via the QCP.
  • One click self service access to your data by unrolling your backup onto an FTP directory.
  • Download your backup for offsite storage.
  • Clone your backup between VPS's.
  • Purchase additional backup slots.
DNS Manager.
Manage your domain's DNS records with our DNS wizard, saving time and resources.
  • Easy hosting of DNS for your domains on our nameservers.
  • Setup A, CNAME, TXT, MX records.
  • Set PTR Reverse DNS records for your IP's.
Manage Your Network.
We give you the tools to manage your Virtual Private Server's network.
  • Bandwidth usage and graphs show your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly stats.
  • One click vulnerability scanning of your IP's with the OpenVAS scanner.
  • Enable port monitoring to notify you when a software service is down.
  • Private IP ( networking available on Xen plans.
  • Enable TunTap and PTY resets via the QCP for OpenVZ plans.
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