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A powerful virtual server control panel.

Our QCP control panel makes it easy to get your Linux Virtual Server up and running fast. We added important features into our software that make administering your server easier than ever. With our easy scalability features, your server can quickly change to meet your needs.
Overview: Get the overview of your virtual server, including resource usage.
Boot/Reboot or Halt your server. Switch between multiple virtual servers in the control panel.
Servers: Add a new virtual server, cancel an existing virtual server, or upgrade/downgrade without need for a reboot. Scalability and easy account manangement are great time saving features.
Distributions: Install a Linux distribution from our available templates. Want to try out a different distribution? Backup your current one, and install the new distro. Forgot your root password? You can change it here.
Backups: Every virtual server comes with a free snapshot backup. You can backup your filesystem, and then restore to that point in time later. Backups can be made available via the QCP for self-service ftp access. You can even schedule the time the backup starts. Clone your backups from one server to another, so you can easily setup multiple virtual servers from one build. Want more than one snapshot? Additional snapshots are available.
Statistics: On our stats page you can view your bandwidth graphs for the day, week, month, and year.
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